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best water purifier in chennai
best water purifier in chennai
Domestic Ro Plant - wAter Purifiers
BACTINO water purifier offers five protection levels, each designed to purify drinking water from various impurities. It consistently delivers totally safe and pure water free from Micro organisms, dirt, smell & harmful dissolved solids.

The most advanced Thin Film composite Reverse Osmosis Membrane designed to remove Dissolved Chemical Impurities.

The membrane reduces/removes Total Dissolved Solids, Heavy Metals, Harmful Chemicals, Bacteria and Virus.

It also balances the essential minerals in the water leaving it naturally fresh, pure, tasty and absolutely safe drinking water.
uv sterlisers
These water filtration systems utilize a 3 stage filtration process to ensure that water has been filtered to the finest possible level. First the pre-filter filters out any sediment that may be present, then the carbon filter is utilized to filter out many contaminants. Finally, the water passes in a stainless steel chamber where it is disinfected by means of exposure to high levels of ultraviolet light. Due to the fact that the sterilization process utilizes no chemical, the water that you receive is free of residues.
  uv sterilizers
The sterilization process deactivates harmful bacteria, microorganisms and viruses by process of exposure to the ultraviolet light. The Ultraviolet water sterilizers can remove Chlorine, polychlorinated biphenyls, Lead, Ethylene Dibromide, Trichloroethylene, trihalomethanes and tetradecylcyclobutanone with the proper prefiltrations.
Nectar Solutions, a proactive, vibrant, committed and technology-driven organization operates with full-fledged efforts for improving upon International Quality Standard and accomplishing methodological distinction.

We have an expert R & D department which aids precise configuration of filter media and membrane for designing, manufacturing, and for commissioning water treatment purifiers/plants distinctive size while ensuring proper purification/treatment of Water & Waste water contaminations.    ozonator-device
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